Plant Image Gallery


The "Plant Image Gallery" contains about 7000 pictures of plants native to several parts of the world. Pictures of plants from Europe, Costa Rica and Galapagos Islands were taken during botanical field trips. Additionally, a considerable number of close-ups are among them obtained by use of a microscope. Pictures of plants native to other parts of the worlds were mainly made in botanical gardens. In addition to pictures taken by Th. Schoepke, the gallery contains numerous pictures obtained from Prof. Dr. Kazuo Yamasaki (Hiroshima University, Japan), Doz. Dr. Bernd Liebermann (Jena University, Germany), the Botanical Image Database, University of Basel (Switzerland) and the Medicinal Plant image collection of the Kosmos-Guide of Medicinal Plants edited by Ingrid and Prof. Dr. Peter Schoenfelder (University of Regensburg, Germany).

The "Plant Image Gallery" is also available on CD-ROM (English and German, Price: Euro 20,50 for Germany, Euro 24,50 for Europe, Euro 28,-- for Oversea (shipping included; international by registered air mail letter). For orders and requests send E-mail: . Payment details will be returned by E-mail.

Each image is copyrighted by the respective author. Each commercial use of pictures is prohibited. However, commercial use is possible on request. For this purpose, the author of the individual picture should be contacted directly.

The "Plant Image Gallery" is a part of the extensive "Botany for Pharmacists" (in German only). Apart from the image gallery, content is such as medicinal plant monographs, plant pictures obtained from additional sources and much information about anatomy, histology, morphology and taxonomy of plants.

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